From left to right Austin Wheelock, executive director of Operation Oswego County, Inc.; Mike Aregano, town of Cicero supervisor; Richard Klein, Oswego County legislator; Tony Bush, town of Hastings supervisor.

Economic Trends: Oswego County Communities Successful at Securing State Funds for Revitalization

by Austin Wheelock  |  ooc@oswegocounty.org

City of Oswego skyline in 2022 showing multiple completed DRI projects in downtown.

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced on Feb. 5 that the towns of Hastings and Cicero together will receive $4.5 million to benefit the hamlet of Brewerton, as one of the Central New York region winners of the second round of New York Forward.


市中心振兴计划(简称DRI)最初于2016年创建,旨在帮助纽约州的小城市重新开发市中心,并在滨水区等当地资产上进行建设, arts, 通过战略性地将国家资金投入与私营部门合作开发的多个项目,促进文化和现有产业的发展. The New York Forward program (NYF) was created two years ago to address a similar need in smaller, more rural communities across the state.

Over this time, 奥斯威戈县社区在通过一系列公共和私人项目制定获奖方案和实施过程方面有着良好的记录,这些项目的杠杆作用高达10倍于私人投资的每一美元国家资金.

Before the Brewerton announcement, previous Oswego County winners were the city of Oswego (DRI in 2016), the city of Fulton (DRI in 2019) and the village of Phoenix (NYF in 2023).

DRI and NYF winners from Oswego County

• In 2016, the city of Oswego was awarded $10 million during the first round of DRI. Oswego的愿景是利用最近的势头,将资金投向具有巨大潜力的建筑和场地,以促进进一步的发展. The proposal was highlighted by projects like the Litatro Building, Riverwalk, Cahill Landing, Eastlake Commons等将通过增加新的混合用途开发项目来改变市中心和滨水区, which would bring additional jobs, visitors and residents to the city of Oswego. 奥斯威戈还有几个公共空间改善项目,如水街口袋公园和104走廊街景改善项目,这些项目支持和补充了新的私人投资以及其他市中心和海滨资产.

快进到2023年7月,Oswego成为纽约州第一个成功完成所有DRI项目的社区,完成了Splash室内水上公园. 1000万美元的DRI资金能够撬动奥斯威戈市近1亿美元的私人投资,并在没有政府支持的情况下带动了数十项其他私营部门投资.

• The city of Fulton was named a Round 4 $10 million DRI winner in August 2019. 富尔顿的提议是利用这座城市历史悠久的市中心滨水区和富尔顿健康带来的经济驱动力, 服务业和制造业及其创新企业家增强了城市的自然和文化吸引力.

Shortly after winning, the COVID-19 pandemic slowed the implementation progress considerably, 将国家支持项目的最终名单推迟到2021年5月,导致意外的成本增加和供应链问题,导致一些大型项目放缓.

Nonetheless, many of the 16 total projects like Huhtamaki’s streetscape improvements and equipment modernization, Oswego Health campus expansion, Good Guys Barber Shop expansion, new fast casual restaurant development, Canal Landing Marina and others have been completed or are underway.

In early 2024, 新城市富尔顿市长吉姆·赖斯重组了富尔顿DRI委员会,以协助完成剩余的项目.

• In 2023, 凤凰村通过关注社区丰富的19世纪历史和以奥斯威戈河上奥斯威戈运河1号水闸为中心的特色,提出了一个获胜的方案.

凤凰城的运河滨水区和沃尔尼街小学附近的一个新兴商业区是纽约远期基金的重点. After a seven-month public process that ended in November, the local planning commission submitted 15 projects to the NYS Department of State for a total of $6.5 million in grant requests, of which $4.5 million will be awarded.

提交的项目来自私营和公共部门,从混合用途的市中心重建和海滨开发到扩展急需的服务,如医疗保健, childcare, fire protection and sewer infrastructure.

Due to the unique public waterfront assets in Phoenix, the redevelopment of North Island into a tourism destination with an entertainment pavilion, boat docks, dog park and recreation trails was a key submission in the final list of projects. Awards should be announced in late February or early March 2024.

Brewerton Gets $4.5 Million

In 2024, Brewerton小村庄——包含Hastings和Cicero的滨水社区,横跨Oneida河两岸——抓住机会将两个城镇结合在一起,共同合作, mutually supported application.

Given both communities’ proximity to the Micron semi-conductor site, New York Forward investments are being viewed as the first step toward intentional, 战略和协作规划与发展,通过欢迎新居民来应对美光带来的机遇和挑战, visitors and businesses in the years to come.

布鲁尔顿现在将开始制定战略投资计划,以振兴其市中心和海滨. A local planning committee made up of municipal representatives, community leaders and other stakeholders will lead these efforts, 由私营部门专家和州规划人员组成的团队提供支持,帮助布鲁顿决定如何最有效地使用4美元.5 million.



Operation Oswego County, Inc. 期待着继续与奥斯威戈县的市政当局合作,将获胜的提案整合在一起,并协助他们实施项目.

Austin M. Wheelock, certified economic developer (CEcD), is the executive director of Operation Oswego County, Inc. For more information, call 315-343-1545 or visit www.oswegocounty.org.