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Hottest Careers for 2024 — and Beyond

‘Change’ is the word to describe the CNY economy

Deborah Jeanne Sergeant著

With the reverberations lingering from the COVID-19 pandemic, skyrocketing student loan debt and the future Micron development, Central New Yorkers will see some professions growing rapidly in the coming years.


Overwhelming school loan debt has motivated many recent graduates to seek positions that provide higher pay — and away from those that don’t pay as well, 尽管他们可能很充实. 例如, working as an occupational therapist at a daycare would pay nearly half that of a similar position at a healthcare facility because it involves an educational institution.

"对于销售职位, it’s an economic incentive as these jobs have higher pay because of commission,埃尔维斯·迈梅多维奇说, franchise owner of Express Employment in Syracuse.


One of the major shifts in employment during the pandemic was away from in-person work and toward remote work, known as work-from-home (WFH). 当然, only certain types of positions may be WFH, which means that more people seeking WFH are seeking this kind of work.

“There’s been a lot of demand for positions as administrative assistants, 数据职位和人力资源,梅多维奇说. “It’s a lot more of the younger generation who particularly want work-from-home jobs.”


Because of the longstanding trend of pushing young people to attend college, fewer people work in hands-on trades, 比如电气, 管道, 砌筑, 和CDL驾驶. The need to train more people for this type of work is a concern of Randy Wolken, MACNY总裁兼首席执行官.

“Our members are looking for technicians today,” he said. “Many are on-the-job trained skills. CNC machining, welding, 电, mechanical: they’re in burning hot demand. Into the future, those same trades specific to advanced manufacturing and semiconductors are growing. We’re already seeing it in the Mohawk Valley and it will come in CNY. 它推动了招聘.”

Many companies have developed 18-month apprenticeship programs to fill the need. Wolken said that the growth in fields like 技术, 包括生物技术, 国防, energy and AI are driving the demand for these workers.

“You’re seeing significant growth in AI and other forms of 技术,” he added.

He noted that Micron’s projected $100 billion investment should bring 2,500 to 5,000 people on site and will also bring additional jobs to the community to increase necessary infrastructure.

“It’s a massive amount of work,” Wolken said. “We’re hoping a lot of people in the community seeing more employment.”

Whether at Micron or elsewhere, the jobs slated to grow this decade include many hands-on positions, according to Karen Knapik-Scalzo, analyst with the New York State Department of Labor Division of Research & 锡拉丘兹的统计.

“There is strong demand for construction workers, i.e., 建筑工人, operating engineers and other construction equipment operators, 木匠, 电工, 水管工, 管道装配工, 暖通空调的工人, heavy and tractor trailer truck drivers,Knapik-Scalzo说. “Demand is also strong for STEM (science, 技术, engineering and math) occupations including engineers (civil, 电, 工业等.), technicians, software developers, data scientists and others.”


The pandemic both highlighted and exacerbated the pre-existing healthcare staffing crisis. An estimated 20% of healthcare workers left the industry during the pandemic. The older baby boomers are retiring without sufficient new workers replacing them.

“The large healthcare sector also needs more workers across the board including registered nurses, 牙科保健, 药剂师, home health aides and personal care aides, 等,Knapik-Scalzo说.


Work that involves serving others typically involves long hours, sometimes low pay and may have inherent risks. As baby boomers retire, fewer workers seek to fill these openings. Knapik-Scalzo said that locally, 老师, 公共汽车司机, 警察, and vocational rehabilitation counselors represent more examples of careers where employers are hiring to replace retiring boomers.