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What Is Your Business Outlook for 2024?


By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant


“We are expecting 2024 to be strong in several ways. 公共和私营部门都有很多项目机会进行规划, engineering and construction. 联邦政府和州政府的资金和以往一样强大,所以这将推动我们的一些工作. Our team is strong and ready to get a lot of stuff done.”

  ——约翰·坎普 President and chief operating officer, C&S Companies, Syracuse


“We’re in a growth phase as a community. It’s a new way to look at life. We’re not used to it growing quickly and having people move here. An estimated 100,000 people are moving here. That’s a lot of people. We’ll be getting used to delays for construction and traffic. That will change our life. But higher wages and investment are positive changes. No one in this generation has experienced this. It’s growth on the level of the Erie Canal. Even rural areas will see growth. It’s part of a mindset change. Housing is something we’ll need more of. Schools will see increases in students. It reminds people that these investments are fantastic,
but it changes things.”

  ——兰迪·沃尔肯 President, 制造业 Association of Central New York


“纽约中部的经济是健康的,处于非常强劲的地位. 由于失业率保持在较低水平,当地劳动力正在扩大,该地区的就业机会继续增长. 许多即将到来的当地项目正在进行中,将继续为该地区的劳动力创造就业机会. 纽约中部的雇主们正积极招聘各行各业的员工, occupations and educational-skill levels.”

  — Karen Knapik-Scalzo, 纽约州劳动研究部劳动力市场分析师 & Statistics, Syracuse


“As we embrace the uncertainties and promises of a new year, 2024年的房地产市场似乎是一个充满挑战和机遇的复杂挂毯. 预测将影响未来几个月的趋势,需要仔细研究库存短缺等因素, 市场动态, 利率和商业地产行业的弹性.”

—  William R Galloway, Licensed real estate broker Century 21 Galloway Realty, Oswego


“Every single day is very exciting. 这是一个快速发展的行业,我们被认为是行业的领导者. 我被派去参加会议演讲,因为大多数人都买无人机,广告上说无人机好像可以自己飞起来,但实际上涉及的事情太多了. They wonder why they get bad performance. We’re the ones writing the playbook. There’s no real guides currently on how to do this. 制造无人机的人联系我,询问我是如何进行这些操作的.”

  ——里克·乔丹, Owner, CNY Drone Services, Clinton


“I expect the year will go the way we plan it to go. 随着这一年的展开,我们正朝着一个特定的方向前进,这是计划外的, we should be flexible enough to adjust our sails. 密切关注我们的资源和资金将是事情“按计划进行”或知道何时调整的关键.”

  — Debbie Bilello, Virtual Office Solutions, Central Square


“Interest rates have come down slightly, 如果他们继续这样做,我预计今年将是房地产的好年份. People are anxious to buy. A positive factor for our area is the Micron effect.  建筑商和投资者才刚刚开始根据未来的可能性采取行动. 随着美光的到来,我对我们地区的经济变化感到兴奋. 美光将创造大量就业机会,并为该地区带来大量人口. Those people will all need housing. Whether they are looking in Oswego County, Onondaga County or other surrounding counties, 我们期待着我相信即将到来的机会. So, how do I think this year is going to go? 我认为对纽约市中心的人来说,这将是充满机遇的一年.

  — Leah Haggerty, Owner, Century 21 Leah’s Signature,富尔顿


“I think it’s going to go really well. New business is turning up. The hotel is now a long-term stay venue. 我认为它一直进展顺利,因为它吸引了在医院工作的护士和医生以及工厂工人. 2022年7月,它从灯塔酒店(Beacon Hotel)改为行政套房. It’s for professionals traveling for work.”

  ——朱莉·艾弗里 General manager, Beacon Executive Suites, Oswego


“We expect a good year and are looking forward to it. 我们的甲板将会有一些大的变化,让客户期待. And we are booking parties every day. Our menu is expanding and we are introducing several new dishes, 所以总而言之, we are looking forward to this year.”

  ——苏·瑞恩 Owner, Tavern on the Lock,富尔顿


“While we struggle to find good, qualified news reporters to fill out our staff, the outlook is strong, our readership is solid. Financially, we are starting out 2024 very strong.”

  ——弗雷德·里德 President Dot Publishing, Inc., OswegoCountyToday.com和


“随着安全港大屠杀难民收容所博物馆的游客增加,我们收到了关于新展品的积极肯定. 我们将于8月举行前难民抵达奥斯威戈80周年纪念活动,这将是一个积极的吸引.”

  — Judy Rapaport, Acting president, Safe Haven, Oswego


“I expect 2024 to be the same as 2023. 我们将迎来繁忙的一年,我希望看到原材料和燃料的价格下降,利率下降.”

  — Tony Pauldine, Owner, Anthony M. Pauldine General Contractor, Inc., Curtis Manor, Gosek Electric, Oswego Rental Properties, Oswego


“我们已经看到2024年的旅游预订有所增加,而且不会放缓. 我们对今年的期望是跟上需求,并在未来几个月聘请一名内部旅行顾问.”

  ——桑迪·舒 Manager, Canalview Travel Service, Inc.,富尔顿


“就目前的纳税季节而言,我们仍然无法通过电子方式提交纽约申报表. 但我能输入数据,计算和打印整个回报. Hopefully New York will get its act together!”

  ——比尔·西蒙斯 Accountant, Canale Insurance and Accounting, Oswego and Fulton


“我们2024年的重点是个性化、免费的小企业咨询. 在WISE WBC,我们理解为小企业主提供个性化支持的重要性. We will continue to offer no-cost, 针对我们合作的每位女性企业家的独特需求和挑战,量身定制一对一的咨询课程. Our experienced counselors will provide guidance, 建议, 以及帮助女性应对企业所有权的复杂性并实现其目标的指导. WISE WBC致力于提供高影响力的培训项目,旨在为女性企业家提供在当今竞争激烈的商业环境中取得成功所需的技能和知识. 我们的课程将侧重于在商业管理等领域提供实用和可操作的培训, marketing strategies, financial management and technology integration, equipping participants with the tools they need to thrive. We recognize the importance of reaching, 支持, and connecting women entrepreneurs in underserved areas. WISE WBC致力于在这些社区建立牢固的关系和网络, 确保妇女能够获得成功所需的资源和支持. Through outreach efforts, partnerships with local organizations and targeted programming, 我们将继续在服务不足的地区扩大我们的覆盖面和影响.”

  — Meghan Florkowski, Director, WISE Women’s Business Center, Syracuse


“Chuck Chaisson照顾Oswego已经超过15年了. We’re growing each year. We’re keeping up with Oswego. 我们是纽约州清洁热能项目的参与承包商, an incentive to help people to go toward clean, 电热. We can help people go for the latest trend in heating. 我们可以帮助那些拥有10到15年设备和新的现代化设备的人.”

  — Nathanial Hohman, Manager, Chaisson’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Oswego